4.1 Упражнения. Часть 2

Читаем, переводим
  1. a clean copy, a bad copy, a ’photo copy, in five copies;
    a convenient day, a convenient time, a convenient hotel, a convenient bus;
    a cold day, a cold snack, cold tea, cold meat;
    a black coat, a black cat, black coffee.
  2. «Please come and see me at eleven on Monday.» «»
    «Let him come and see me at my lab at ten fifteen.» «Okay.»
  3. «Ben’s shop’s closed. It’s often closed at seven.» «No, it isn’t closed yet. It’s still open.»
  4. «Shall I close it?» «No, leave it open.»
    «Shall I leave it open?» «No, please close it.» «K.»
  5. Bill’s in Scotland till October. Please leave his mail on his shelf.
Проговариваем и подставляемы выделенные слова
  1. Let him take a copy. (five copies, a clean copy, some cassettes, some of my cassettes)
  2. Shall I make some coffee? (some tea, some toast, a cake)
  3. Let her come and see me at eleven. (at eleven on Monday, at ten on Saturday)
  4. Please be back my file. (seven, nine, ten, eleven)
  5. It’s a convenient day, isn’t it? (time, bus, hotel, lab, flat)
Инсценируем диалоги
Диалог №1
  1. Shall I make some copies of it?
  2. Yes, please make five, even ten.
Диалог №2
  1. Mike’s an ecomomist, isn’t he?
  2. No, he isn’ ↓Kate is. Mike’s doctor.
  3. Oh, I see.
Диалог №3
  1. Is his lab often closed on Mondays?
  2. No, not often. Only sometimes.
    (at nine, at eleven)
Диалог №4
  1. Shall I come at seven?
  2. No, please come at five.
    (come back, phone)
Добавьте пропущенные артикли в необходимых местах и переведите.
  1. It’s lovely old café. It’s lovely, isn’t it?
  2. It’s such cold day! – Yes, it’s so cold!
  3. Shall I make clean copy? Is it clean?
  4. It’s lazy old cat. it’s old and lazy.
  5. Let me have cup of coffee. Me coffee’s cold.
  6. It’s convenient day, isn’t it? It’s convenient, isn’t it?

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